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How Can Your Non-Profit Benefit From The Volunteer Workforce Solution?

For the past 30 years, non-profits have reaped the enormous benefits of participating in Volunteer Workforces. Charities have raised remarkable amounts of money without selling products, buying inventory, or all the other hassles associated with traditional forms of fundraising. The point is this - your non-profit has something very valuable, something business is willing to pay for. Workers. How much are they willing to pay? How about enough to fund a literacy program, enough to build two brand-new churches in one city. How about $45,000 in one baseball season? The typical business budget includes, at most, a measly 5% for charitable giving. But the same budget will earmark 25%, 35%, or 45% for labor-related expenses. That's the money your non-profit can tap into.

Volunteer Workforce programs are spreading across the country, leaping out of their historic narrow confines. Never heard of them? Don't feel bad -- you're in good company. Unless your non-profit has worked with a performance venue, a national chain of department stores, or a 2,000-unit fast food operation, you probably haven't had the opportunity to discover them yet. But that's about to change.

Churches, school groups, literacy programs, health-related organizations, auxiliaries from military bases . . . the list goes on. And just who do these non-profits partner with in Volunteer Workforce programs? The Dallas Cowboys, The Cincinnati Reds, Albertson's, Fazoli's, Sonic Drive-Ins, Six Flags, among others. So far mostly big business has enjoyed the benefits of these programs. But your non-profit can team up with almost any business, no matter how big or small, no matter what industry it's in, and dramatically benefit as well.

Volunteer Workforce programs are appropriate for any business with labor needs which could be filled by temporary agencies. Retail, restaurant, clerical, manual labor -- all have been used successfully. Common sense would tell you that Volunteer Workforces wouldn't be appropriate in a dangerous or hazardous work environment. If someone you know is running a nuclear power plant, they probably wouldn't want the women's auxiliary from the local United Methodist Church in there pulling their power rods. They might wind up with glow-in-the-dark Methodists, and that would be bad. There's probably someone on your board, or a sympathetic member of your organization, who has a business and needs help solving their labor shortage problems. That's a good place to start.

The IRS recognizes a system whereby non-profits function very much like temporary agencies. Charities supply teen and adult volunteer workers to business. Those workers function inside the business, just as any other staffer would, with one important difference. They don't get paid a penny, and they're pleased as punch with the arrangement. Because the money they would have earned goes directly to the charity of their choice. The non-profit enjoys a welcome flow of revenue, tax-free, which helps it achieve its mission. The business profits from a constant stream of very productive workers, with no benefits, taxes or overtime required. It's the ultimate win-win situation for all involved.

Volunteer Workforce programs are infinitely scaleable. The smallest program involves just two workers, the largest currently involves 2,000 volunteer workers in the building at one time. Imagine how much money your non-profit could generate with just 10 or 20 people working in a local business, even for one day a month.

You need to know more about this! And that's why this website exists. Whether you're a development officer, fundraising executive, or just a concerned and involved member of a non-profit, this information is vital.

Download the whitepaper, The Volunteer Workforce, for free. Inside you'll find a Rationale for using Volunteer Workforces, along with six case studies of businesses (including the Dallas Cowboys) which use them, and the non-profits which participate in their programs.

If you need a super high-quality, printed version of the booklet, you can buy it from

But most likely what you need now is information, and you want it quick. Follow the link and you'll get it right now, absolutely free.



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