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Having Trouble Finding Quality Workers? Traditional Sources of Funding Dried Up?

For better or worse, I have the dubious distinction of being the nation's #1 authority on The Volunteer Workforce Phenomenon. That means after years of researching, interviewing, writing, speaking, and consulting — I've seen just about everything that works, and everything that doesn't work with these programs. I know how to create them, how to market them, how to structure them for maximum effectiveness. I know how to use them to raise your company's profile in the community. I know how to bring non-profits and businesses together in partnership, creating significant benefits for both. In short — when it comes to Volunteer Workforces, I'm your man.

If it's information you want, you can get that quick, easy and free. You can download the 28-page whitepaper, The Volunteer Workforce. It's a small selection of the material I've written. If your organization would benefit from an article in your newsletter or magazine, let's talk.

I am absolutely passionate about Volunteer Workforces! And I'd love the opportunity to introduce this concept and solution to your organization.

  • Business Clubs - community groups such as Kiwanis, Optimists, etc.
  • Church Groups - looking to raise funds.
  • Health-Related Organizations - prevention and cure.
  • Businesses - if your business is looking for a way to solve its staffing shortages, and raise its profile in the community, invite me to present to your executive group.

There is absolutely no doubt that your business can radically benefit — in numerous ways — by initiating a Volunteer Workforce program. CNNfn and BloombergTV invited me to introduce the Volunteer Workforce Solution to their national audiences for a very good reason — it works. And it can work for your business as well.

Businesses all over the country are:

  1. Solving their labor shortage dilemmas;
  2. Increasing profitability by reducing personnel costs;
  3. Improving their staff's morale by ensuring an even-handed distribution of work;
  4. Raising their profile in the community;
  5. Creating emotion-laden relationships with their customers, turning them into advocates;
  6. Solving the question of how to give back to their local community in a meaningful way.

One business in Oklahoma City saves approximately $300,000 every year. It does this by using a Volunteer Workforce program to augment the services of its permanent staff, as the need for labor fluctuates over time.

What Do They Know That You Don't?
What do the Dallas Cowboys, the Cincinnati Reds, Fazzoli's, Albertsons, Kohl's Department Stores and numerous other businesses know about Volunteer Workforce programs that you don't? A lot!! The simple fact is this — you need to know what these businesses are doing with Volunteer Workforces, and how they're using them as a competitive advantage in the marketplace. These smart owners and managers know how to implement Volunteer Workforce programs correctly — no hassles, headaches or legal repercussions. You need to decide if implementing a Volunteer Workforce program is right for your company.

The Volunteer Workforce Exploration
Let me coach you through the process of exploring the benefits and powerful features of Volunteer Workforces. The Volunteer Workforce Exploration will thoroughly equip you with every tool you need to create a program in your own business.

The Volunteer Workforce Exploration fee is $1,500. This includes five 30-minute telephone coaching sessions, and unlimited contact between sessions by fax or email — whichever works best for you. Prior to each session I'll provide you with materials relevant to that session's topic, such as the forms and contracts used in various Volunteer Workforce programs around the country. We'll explore your needs, your goals, and find solutions together.

Complimentary Initial Consulting Session
Discover the possibilities for your company! Call 1-800-552-3135 and let's schedule a complimentary initial consulting session. I'll fax you a simple worksheet to get us started. Together we'll discuss questions such as:

  1. Does your current staffing situation allow you the free time and quality of life you want from your business?
  2. Do you feel successful in your recruiting, hiring and managing experiences?
  3. Do your employees have the right attitude?
  4. Do you think your employees are upbeat and "fresh" enough when dealing with the public?
  5. Can you easily find the quality workers you want . . . workers which favorably represent you and your values to the public — and to your customers?

Discover what "big business" has known for years!! Call 1-800-552-3135 and let's begin today.

You can snail mail me at:

The Volunteer Workforce
Tony Collette
P.O. Box 1979
Red Oak, TX 75154

You can call or e-mail me:

Toll Free: 1-800-552-3135



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