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One page press release about Tony Collette and the Volunteer Workforce solution.
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Tony Collette Is A Great Guest . . .

He'll show your audience how to:

  • Raise enormous amounts of money for their charity
  • Solve their business staffing problems by teaming up with non-profits

Like all good guests, he'll wipe his feet, put down the seat, and not overstay his welcome.

Tony's primary interest is in selling IDEAS — your experience won't turn into an ugly infomercial. Instead, he'll engage your audience with compelling stories about real-world Volunteer Workforce successes. Your audience will be directed to this web site — a public resource where Volunteer Workforce tools are available for free, 24/7.

Feel free to download any of the items from the online media kit download area (on the right side of this page).

If you would like to , please provide a brief description of your organization and make sure that your shipping info is included in your e-mail message.

Volunteer Workforce In The Media

CNNfn and BloombergTV
View these two 4-minute interviews by clicking on either screenshot below.

CNNfn Interview
CNNfn Interview

Bloomberg Interview
BloombergTV Interview

The Dallas Morning News
64-column-inch article on the front page of the DMN Business Section detailing Volunteer Workforce programs in the Dallas area. Quotes Mr. Collette extensively.
(Downloadable 22Kb PDF)

The Cincinnati Post
Article describing the largest Volunteer Workforce program in the country, with 2,000 volunteer workers "in the building" at one time.
(Downloadable 10Kb PDF)

The Journal Record
Article detailing the Volunteer Workforce programs in the Oklahoma City area. Quotes Mr. Collette extensively.
(Downloadable 12Kb PDF)



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