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People all over the country are buzzing about Volunteer Workforces – for good reasons! Please take a second to read through these comments from real people enjoying real benefits. This Is Worth Your Time!

"The volunteers make top-notch workers. Most are raising funds for churches, athletic groups or charities, and are typically 'good quality' individuals with an all-American image. They don't mind working . . . they're fresh."

» From The Journal Record
Oklahoma City

"Last year, 35 [volunteer] groups earned $1.1 million. This year, we'll have over 160 groups participating."

» Bill Schweinitz, SportService Recruiting Manager
from The Cincinnati Post

"All the volunteer workers agree . . . the money is great."

» From The Cincinnati Post

"There are substantial benefits to using [volunteer] groups. The biggest advantage is that we get very high-quality people that come work for us."

» Tim Donigan, SportService GM,
from The Dallas Morning News

"They work harder because the incentive is there."

» Jackie Davis, SportService Group Coordinator
from The Dallas Morning News

"They've fallen in love with our group. I don't know if they've fallen in love with us as people or for the job we do, but we get called all the time."

» Barbara Spidman, VP Fundraising
from The Dallas Morning News

"Why didn't I think about that at my last company and why didn't anybody else think about that? It's a great program."

» Roger Sheaves, District Manager, Kohl's Department Stores
from The Dallas Morning News

"If I were to start a business from scratch, I would attempt to bring [non-profits] in regardless of the labor situation because we do get such a high-quality person that works for us."

» Tim Donigan, SportService GM
from The Dallas Morning News

"The Fossil Ridge High School band booster club in Keller, TX splits its time between Six Flags and Kohl's Department Stores and will make about $36,000 this year alone. The money supports the 200-member band, bankrolls an annual spring trip and pays for four college scholarships."

» From The Dallas Morning News

"The Best Community-Spirited Business in Oklahoma"

» Sonic Drive-Ins, a consistent user of Volunteer Workforces
from The Oklahoma Gazette

"For the businesses, it's a good way to meet short-term needs, to save money and save benefits expenses, especially, and at the same time to connect with the community through the non-profit organization."

» Sharon Bailey, Director of Training
Center for Non-Profit Management

"They're just really nice people who come in to perform a job."

» Amy Phillips, VP of Food & Beverage
The Dallas Cowboys

"I have guests now that drive 12 miles, who came here originally for a fundraiser. And so we see these folks sometimes two or three times a week. I know that by the time you have grandma and grandpa come out to support their grandchild, once I get them in here, I keep them. So it's the new guests we target."

» Naomi Frederick, GM
Fazoli's Italian Restaurant

"We save right at $300,000 every year by using Volunteer Workforces."

» Henry Loyd, Operations Director
Lloyd Noble Arena


» Every participant in the Big-Bucks Fundraising Workshop when Henry told us the above. After all, $300,000 per year – every year – could really start to add up!

The Volunteer Workforce Solution Has Arrived!
For over 30 years this remarkable staffing/fundraising solution has been at the heart of a very quiet but steadily growing revolution. During the past three decades business owners and managers in narrow market sectors have refined the concept and its implementation into a fine art. Now you can be part of this amazing development — your business or non-profit can benefit as well.

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