The Volunteer Workforce Solve your staffing shortages while using your business as a tool to accomplish amazing good in the community. Tony Collette - The Volunteer Workforce
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How Does A Business Save $300,000 Every Year?

How Does A Non-Profit Raise $20,000, $40,000 or More?

Tony Collette, CNNfn's "Maverick of the Morning," will show you how The Volunteer Workforce Solution will work for your business or non-profit.

The Volunteer Workforce E-Course: A Free, 7-Day E-Mail Mini-Course. Each day for a week you'll receive a short, informative, useful e-mail explaining how Volunteer Workforce programs solve staffing problems for businesses, and how they raise enormous amounts of money for non-profits.

What Are Businesses Saying About Volunteer Workforces?

"Why didn't I think about that at my last company and why didn't anybody else think about that? It's a great program."

Roger Sheaves, District Manager, Kohl's Department Stores,
from The Dallas Morning News

"If I were to start a business from scratch, I would attempt to bring [nonprofits] in regardless of the labor situation because we do get such a high-quality person that works for us."

Tim Donigan, SportService GM
from The Dallas Morning News
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