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Really Cool E-Mail

Plain emails are boring! Spice things up with high-octane HTML email templates, complete with corporate graphics, personal photos, interesting design elements and links to personal and company websites. makes you look like a million dollars only costs $35 bucksBased on the viral marketing concepts espoused by Seth Godin, I created this "first of its kind" service for professionals and distributed teams who need to communicate through email. The website allows the user to create email templates customized to their company corporate standards, then download and install the template into their email client. Every email they send includes a small link back to the site, which includes the user's customer id. When a recipient clicks on the link, they're taken to our website, which then reads the embedded customer information and knows which customer sent them. If they go on to make a purchase during that visit, the customer who sent the first email receives a "Refer-A-Friend" Bonus.

I love the silly, retro look and feel of the website. It’s an enjoyable break from all the serious, button-down sites professional people visit each day. My favorite element of the site: the tail-waggin', happy-mooin' cow!

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