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AutoAffirmationsEver notice how something left on your dashboard casts a reflection up on your windshield? During a drive through the Colorado mountains, I noticed some stuff on the dashboard casting a reflection, and wondered if it would be possible to make that happen on purpose. The AutoAffirmation was born. Soon my friends were asking for AutoAffirmations of their own, business customers came calling, then NBC News produced a charming 2.5-minute segment about the product emphasizing how the product's assembly gave back to the community by providing jobs for physically challenged workers. The segment first aired in our local market, then went up the NBC satellite and repeated a month later on NBC stations coast to coast. Various publications ran stories about AutoAffirmations, and the product was even included in the plot of a book!

Conversations with The Greatest networker in the World More of the Story... by John Milton FoggIn 1997 Prima Publishing released John Fogg's "The Greatest Networker," a salesmanship development parable. The book quickly became a national best-seller, with over one million copies in the hands of eager salespeople nationwide. In 2000 Prima released John's much-anticipated sequel. In the course of three pages, the lead character not only uses my product, he enthusiastically tells his readership that they're sure to benefit by using it also. Of all the successful outcomes I've enjoyed in working with the media, this one – product placement in a sequel to a national best-seller – is truly exciting. This represents a significant personal victory.

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