In every life, certain events, projects and places take on special meaning. Roll your cursor over the squares below to share in the adventures I've lived so far. Check back again, more are sure to come.

Really Cool Email Templates
The Volunteer Workforce
Really Cool E-Mail
HTML Email Templates make you look like a million bucks, but only cost $35. Pure viral marketing business based on the Internet.
My second "home." Finland is beautiful, bright, clean, technologically advanced. And very cold in the winter!
On a whim I invented this simple Motivational Tool which projects an image up on your windshield. NBC News introduced "my baby" to the country, and I sold 28,000 units to happy customers.
The Volunteer Workforce
CNNfn and Bloomberg TV invited me to introduce their viewers to this remarkable concept. Solve your staffing shortages while using your business as a tool to accomplish amazing good in the community.
Tony Collette
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